By Eveline Y Bayu

arround the world

For almost 20 years I have worked in an office as an accountant. Everyday I do the same routine. Every year I go on vacation. For me, having holiday, visit tourist attractions not only as a means of relieving stress from routine or to show off on social media. I enjoy every holiday because I discover new things, both culture, food and history. From local food I learned the history behind the food and the food sources of the local community. From the old building I learned the style of the building, the political and social situation of the people at that time. When I was at a traditional market, I learned about local food, local languages and local clothing. When I was staring at the temple, I learn that although we are in limited or difficult situation, as long as there is a will, there will be a success.

Technology and the internet have made me more open that I have never seen anything before. Then I have a desire to get out of my comfort zone and do something different from my life now. It so happened that my partner and I had the same thought, we wanted to stop working and travel overland around Australia. During this time my partner and I established a long distance relationship. We believe that traveling for several months and coming out of the comfort zone, we can build better communication and mutual understanding. Because by traveling without taking a tour, we will discover unexpected new things, both those that are good or bad thing. There our relationship will be stronger.

Why we chose Australia, because my partner come from Australia and the cost is cheaper than traveling around Europe. For this reason, we are working to save money for the cost of a road trip around Australia. The plan is that we will buy a motorhome to travel overland which starts from Brisbane.

Then I saw an Airtrek ad on Facebook about Trek The World 2020 Giveaway. I feel this is my chance to make my dream come true. Not only around Australia, but my partner and I can visit many countries in Asia and Europe. This is a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, and discover new things. Maybe people will say I’m too old to begin a journey,  to explore the world, but for me it’s never too late. There is only a delayed time.

I started the journey from Surabaya, with the following route:

  1. Saigon-Vietnam
  2. New Delhi – India
  3. Istanbul – Turkey
  4. Athens – Greece
  5. Rome – Italy
  6. Paris – France
  7. Barcelona – Spain
  8. Lisbon – Portugal
  9. Marrakech – Morocco
  10. Dubai -United Arab Emirates
  11. Phuket -tahiland
  12. Surabaya

I know that my route is not all countries in the world, but it will be great adventures and unforgettable memories for me. Using I can estimate the cost of flight tickets to visit these places. During the trip, we will learn how the locals reduce plastic trash and process plastic trash. I hope that the way locals in one place reduce plastic trash can be applied somewhere else.


After finishing the journey, I will write a book, share the story of my trip. I will write several books, which are about the route and the place we visited, the values that I got from the journey and how to process and how to reduce plastic trash in every place we visit.





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